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Despite being legalized in 2014, Colorado residents and businesses alike face challenges with local and federal cannabis laws.

We’re here to help connect you with a local marijuana lawyer who can help you navigate the sometimes complicated legal waters surrounding cannabis and make sure your rights are protected to the fullest extent.

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Dedicated to Helping Colorado Citizens and Businesses Comply with Colorado Cannabis Laws

No one should face legal issues alone. The attorneys in our network have been verified and vetted for their unique experience and expertise in the area of marijuana law.

From the complexities of evolving regulatory compliance, to cultivation, sales, and use/possession, we have attorneys capable of getting you the help you need.

Colorado Marijuana Lawyer

Marijuana Law Services & Areas of Practice

Dedicated to Helping Colorado Citizens and Businesses Comply with Colorado Cannabis Laws

Business Formation Cannabis Lawyer

Are you working in or interested in forming a cannabis-related business? Hire a lawyer with a deep understanding of the regulatory landscape and compliance requirements for companies entering the cannabis industry. Put decades of experience to work for your business and hit the ground running.

Cannabis Licensing and Permits

Get and stay in compliance with local, state and federal guidelines regarding permits and licensing. Hire an attorney who can help you facilitate permits and requirements for cannabis operations. From sales tax permits to business formation, and more.

Cannabis Patents / Cannabis Patent Attorney

Protect your uniquely cultivated strains, innovations and inventions with a patent. Trademarks, utilizing the Plant Variety Protection Act, Utility patents and more can all be leveraged to protect your intellectual property from competitors.

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Cannabis Copyright and Trademark

Due to cannabis’ illegal status under federal law, both cannabis products and services (including cultivation, manufacturing, and dispensaries) are ineligible for registering for a Trademark with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t steps you can take to protect your intellectual rights and property.

Connect with a copyright and trademark attorney today to discuss your options.

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Asset Protection and Risk Mitigation

Creditors, lawsuits, product liability, governmental intervention, regulatory fines and more can all put marijuana-based businesses at risk of losing everything they worked hard to build. As an industry with ‘weak precedent’ in the courts, cannabis businesses are at even greater risk, virtually pioneering case law in real-time.

Don’t let your business end up another statistic in law books. Hire an attorney who will fight vigorously for your rights and who can help defensively and proactively protect your assets before issues arise.

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Colorado Marijuana DUI (DWAI)

Just because using Marijuana is legal in Colorado, doesn’t mean there aren’t restrictions on what you can legally do (or not) while under the influence. Colorado DUI Marijuana (abbreviated as DWAI) is a crime falling under the same legal codes as those for regular DUIs.

If you or a loved one have been charged or arrested for driving under the influence of marijuana, reach out today to get the legal representation and defense you deserve.

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Common Criminal Cannabis Charges

Our network of criminal defense attorneys represent defendants facing the following cannabis charges in Colorado:

  •  Unlicensed delivery, distribution, cultivation and/or sale of marijuana
  •  Using marijuana while on federal land or in public areas • Open carrying while in possession, using or under the influence of marijuana
  •  Personal possession over the legal limitations • Providing or selling cannabis to minors
  •  Transpiration of cannabis over state lines • And more…
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Asset Seizure (Civil Forfeiture)

Criminal and civil forfeiture laws rank among the most draconian and abused laws on the books today, with overzealous prosecutors all too eager to seize property for the financial gain of their department(s) and depriving (often innocent) citizens.

If you are facing charges for which asset seizure is possible or has already happened, reach out to an experienced lawyer who will fight hard for your case. Colorado laws place time constraints on filing a motion to request an adversarial hearing regarding your seizure, meaning you need to act fast.

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Eviction Defense

Are you facing or have been evicted on grounds related to your possession, use, or cultivation of cannabis? Put a talented and experienced attorney on your case today.

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The Colorado Marijuana Lawyer is a registry of lawyers, legal aid agencies and pro bono legal support organizations. If you have been wounded, convicted of a crime, or simply involved in daily affairs that involve your legal rights or property, a lawyer will help you fix problems or avoid new ones from emerging.

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